The MTA family is incredible. We know you are!
This is how you can help…

The Montage Family

Every time you buy a cake at a cake sale, donate old dance wear, throw some change into one of our collection buckets or buy a ticket to a show you’re helping to support us!

Our parents are some of the most kind and supportive people we know, and sometimes a parent goes above and beyond…

How you can help

Why Us?

We are uniquely placed. Founded in 1998, we’ve been supporting the children of Lewisham for nearly 20 years. Our teachers are experts in their fields including many West End professionals from shows such as Billy Elliot, Stomp, Bat Out of Hell and Les Miserables.

MTA provides 30 classes weekly (3 terms of 11 weeks) 33 weeks p.a.

MTA runs a huge bursary and concession programme (over 416 places per year), subsiding our rates to grant access to the arts for all!

MTA recruits, trains, organises and manages up to 30 volunteers

MTA recruits, inducts, organises and manages 10 teachers/facilitators 

MTA provides Holiday Programmes, Youth Theatre Company  and is a National Theatre Connections Learning Partner

MTA runs workshops and programmes for Over 60’s in Sheltered Housing schemes and in the wider local community.

The Parent Committee

We know. You hear the word ‘committee’ and you run screaming for the hills.

The MTA parent committee is not a major commitment, nor is it a time-consuming activity. We understand how valuable your time is! Most parents don’t attend the ‘official’ meetings and help out as and when they can.

In the past this amazing group of pro-active parents have helped plan fundraisers, baked cakes for the cake sale, delivered flyers, helped chaperone events, and sourced equipment, props and costumes for shows.

If you can help in anyway and would like to get involved, please get in touch with Richard, our Youth Programme Manager,

Another Cake Sale, Another Scholarship!

By taking part in our on-site activities during lessons, you are providing valuable support for our charitable work. 

We know bucket rattling is tiring; cake sales, raffles, ‘parents join in week’ are just some of the ways in which you are helping support some of the borough’s most vulnerable.


Donations are always gratefully received; MTA parents have even gone as far as to run 26.2 miles in the London Marathon to help us fundraise!

Sometimes we will ask for help getting the message out about a fundraising campaign. If all of our parents forwarded an email to 5 of their contacts we could reach over 10,000 people!

Donations are far from being exclusively financial. Parents have offered to help with transportation of set/costumes, write funding bids, source equipment, and even given us old office equipment! 

The Difference We Make

  • Creative skills for all – including enhanced communication, cognitive and motor skills
  • Improved educational performance
  • Lifelong skills
  • Better employment prospects
  • Higher confidence and self-esteem
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Making friends from all walks of life – interaction of children from all social and economic backgrounds is shown to both boost educational performance and increase understanding.
  • A safe environment off the streets

How we can change lives together

There are several ways in which you can donate

Use the safe and secure Paypal option, just click on the Paypal button and enter the amount you wish to donate

Using BACS, You can also donate securely
online to our bank

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